Moving Supplies

We understand the frustration of moving. That is why we try to make your move a little easier on you by offering a full line of packing supplies for sale at our facility. Below is a list of packing supplies we offer:

Extra Large $4.99
Large $3.49
Medium $2.79
Small $2.19
Stainless Steel Disc Lock $11.94
Moving Supplies
Cover: Chair (2/Pack) $4.99
Cover: King Mattress $4.95
Cover: Queen Mattress $3.95
Cover: Full Mattress $3.49
Cover: Twin Mattresses $2.95
Cover: Picture Pouch $2.99
Cover: Dust Cover $4.95
Cover: Clothing Bag $3.49
Cover: Comforter Bags $3.95
Boxing/Packing Tape $3.95
Enviro-Bubble: Small $19.95
Enviro-Bubble: Large $19.95
Storage Mat $8.99
Tape Gun $5.99
Wrapping Paper $17.97